Omnichannel this. Omnichannel that. The utopic vapors of omnichannel are everywhere and it's clouding your vision.

Applications that were born and raised online are overreaching into the storefront where we stand in line (and people hate lines!). These solutions are sadly taking advantage of ideas that make sense in theory, but fail almost every time in a store setting.

Omnichannel is good; Speed and uptime is better.

Don't get us wrong, we do omnichannel. A single system of record in the cloud is very important. Managing and reporting on your items, promotions and customers across all channels is essential in order to compete. Omnichannel marketing, the bulk of which is delivered online and via email, is certainly worth its weight in gold.

Omnichannel features do not make up for a lack of performance at the POS.

If you disagree, you are either doing a handful of sales a day or you're being fooled by SaaS products built for other channels and not brick-and-mortar.

The infographic explains why POS speed matters.