Price Embedded barcodes are used for unpackaged items, namely deli products such as meat and cheese or goods received in bulk such as loose gravel and other raw or harvested materials. These goods are then weighed and packaged by the retailer for sale.

Price embedded bar codes can also be used to label items sold in varying bundles but accounted for individually like a dozen-pack of a product. This will save the clerks time as they will not have to scan each one individually.

Retailers with a deli or prep department will typically use a specialized scale capable of printing UPC-A price embedded bar code labels. They will punch in the PLU (Price Look-up Code) or item code for that particular product on that scale, weigh it, and then print out a price embedded barcode from the scale and attached it to the wrapped product. This product with the price embedded bar code is then brought to the cashier and rung up on the POS.