At WrestlingMart, it’s “all wrestling, all the time.” Stocking and selling only wrestling-related items and gear from both their showroom and online store, WrestlingMart prides themselves on championship-level customer service. When their processes and procedures weren’t helping them win, they looked to improve.

“We knew there had to be something else out there,” says David Applegate, CTO of WrestlingMart.

By examining some of their competitors’ processes to achieve extreme accuracy, WrestlingMart realized to stay competitive, they would have to add scanning and barcoding in their warehouse and accurate real-time inventory impact and visibility across all channels.

Eliminating all paper-based processes in their warehouse and storefront, from receiving to cycle counts to returns and backorders, would be paramount to achieving success.

The first winning move was to implement SuitePOS along with NetSuite, but with still a few manual processes in their receiving and inventory counting processes, WrestlingMart began looking for additional functionality and chose RF-SMART as their inventory management solution.

“With SuitePOS and RF-SMART, both built on the NetSuite platform, there’s no holes in our inventory. We’re not missing out on online orders or losing sales in the showroom,” David said. “Our inventory is the most important asset of our company, and RF-SMART ensures it is correct and manageable. We have seen a decrease in errors so that we are now error-free and significantly faster (spending 65% less time on receiving and counting)."

For a starter company that is experiencing tremendous growth, the extra man time has made an enormous impact on the bottom line. “We’re now able to spend more time on other activities that directly impact revenue,” David said.

SuiteRetail, RF-Smart and NetSuite has provided the necessary tools to allow WrestlingMart to grow fast. 

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