SuiteRetail and sports merchandise retailer, Rally House, partnered to pilot the next generation POS system at the retail chain’s 60+ locations.  SuitePOS, an Apple-based solution that is tightly integrated with NetSuite ERP, will be replacing their current NetSuite POS solution and NetSuite SuiteCommerce In-Store.

Rally House's current POS solution was costing a lot of time and money.  Utilizing SuitePOS provided the performance and simplicity needed at the stores with seamless integration to back-office business functions.  As a result, SuitePOS has improved the customer experience with a user-friendly interface for clerks and ultimately unified their commerce strategy.

Highlights of Rally House’s pilot included faster checkout speed, perfected integration with the NetSuite ERP, promotions that provide instant item level discounts and an inventory function that provides real-time stock checking.

Rally House operates on one system that’s built on NetSuite, which will much more easily support the retail chain’s rapid growth.  Rally House has over 200,000 SKU's, and thanks to SuiteRetail and SuitePOS, they are delivering an exceptional customer experience with the ability to scale effortlessly.

Due to SuitePOS's success at being able to handle high transaction velocities and large customer/item counts, Rally House will be moving out of the pilot phase and rolling SuitePOS out to the entire enterprise.

“SuitePOS is simple to set up and it’s all managed in our single NetSuite system. We can change product information instantly and POS transactions impact inventory in real-time, which is very important when you sell thousands of time-sensitive items both in-store and online.  Our clerks love the touchscreen interface and our back office staff love the solution.” -Aaron Liebert, CEO, Rally House

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