SuitePOS Release 2.4 is exciting because it is will appeal to existing customers and new prospects alike. It's coming soon.

Dynamic Options

The Dynamic Options Module guides you through the configuration of an end product. It allows you to select individual items in a specific order that make up the end product or kit. Dynamic Options is useful for fast food retailers, where you select a burger with various condiments or for any retailer that has products with a variety of required or optional configurations. It can also be used to promote add-ons or upsells.

Dual Display

Dual Display shows a consumer-friendly version of the POS cart (on a separate HD screen) to the customer thereby meeting state requirements and, at the same time, better transparency during the checkout experience.

Item Sync Improvements

Our continuing goal is to make item syncs faster for retailers with a lot of items.

We have made the "restrict item to location" and "restrict item to terminal" features dynamic (and therefore faster). This means the number of items that are being synced can be confined to only those items at a specific store location or those items for a specific department (or group of terminals).

Additionally, we have introduced an optimization option to use a "POS Modified" date instead of the "System Modified Date". This is important for differential syncs because it differentiates between any field of the item record being updated from just POS relevant fields. This means the data set size for certain customers could be significantly reduced if they have external integrations or third-party scripts updating non-POS related fields.

Custom Customer Fields

You can now define all sorts of custom customer fields that can be captured at the POS and written to NetSuite (or Salesforce). This is great when you want to learn more about your customer to facilitate later analysis and marketing campaigns.

Smarter Item Search

Before, if you searched for a item in SuitePOS by "The Toy", it would pull up all items that contained "The Toy". It would not pull up items that contained 'The Red Toy". We have made this searching better by pulling up items that contain both "The" AND "Toy" thereby unlocking those "hidden" items.

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