What Gateways, Processors and Payments do you support?

What Gateways, Processors and Payments do you support?

January 09, 2019

The standard we have set (and our customers are adopting) center around the modern gateway/processors that you simply sign up online, maybe negotiate competitive custom rates and away you go. Square Payments and Stripe Terminal are fine examples of that. In fact, these types of financial technology companies are becoming the defacto standard for mid-market retailers. This is primarily due to contract simplicity and all the other services (such as capital) that are offered with these products. 

For those customers that want to stick with their own processor; there is a good chance that you can use our more traditional gateway approach.

All our solutions support regular card swipe, EMV chip, contact-less, Apple Pay and Android Pay.  Cash, on-account, gift-cards and even real-time financed transactions (for your customers) are also supported by SuitePOS


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