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"With SuitePOS, we can offer customers a smooth, fast checkout process in-store as well as online. It’s quick and simple to use. So when a customer is ready to check out, we can serve them quickly so they can go take care of their bees. It's also easy for us to set up extra checkout terminals on days when we know we’ll have a lot of traffic in the stores.” 

— Jenna Prososki, Customer Service Manager, Mann Lake

About Mann Lake: 

Mann Lake is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of beekeeping equipment, selling across the US and internationally. Their customers range from hobby beekeepers with two hives to commercial beekeepers with 10,000 hives. Founded 30 years ago, Mann Lake now sells in stores, by phone, and has a thriving ecommerce arm.

  • 7 retail stores in the US 
  • 100+ authorized dealers worldwide
  • Previous POS system: NetSuite

The challenge: 

Each spring, Mann Lake sells volleyball-sized packages of 10,000 live bees apiece. But due to a slow point-of-sale system, customers used to have to wait in long lines to collect their bees on pick-up days. 

Behind the scenes, outdated systems led to inefficiencies in managing payments and invoicing, with lots of manual workarounds and duplicated data entry.

Dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, Mann Lake decided to upgrade its ERP system to NetSuite. But NetSuite’s POS system was too slow for the company’s needs. 

The solution:

Mann Lake switched to SuitePOS after reviewing several POS options. SuitePOS ticked all the right boxes for Mann Lake:

  • Fast transaction processing
  • A wider, more flexible range of payment management options
  • Full integration of customer data across all sources of sales — in-store, online, or by phone
  • Seamless integration with NetSuite
  • Quick and easy to learn and use

The outcome:

Since switching to SuitePOS, Mann Lake enjoys speedier, smoother transactions. Customers are happy they can complete their shopping faster, and get on with caring for their bees.

Manual workarounds and duplicated data entry around payment management have been eliminated, freeing up staff time to focus on higher-value tasks. SuitePOS’s integration with NetSuite gives Mann Lake near-instantaneous data updates and overall more reliable data.


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