The Company

Founded in 2014, SuiteRetail is a software company that specializes in enabling retailers to better serve their customers. We have long thought that in-store retailing is too complex, and that complexity translates to a poor customer experience.  Enterprise POS software is hard to use, clunky and rarely integrates well.  This impacts your customers and ultimately your business. We started with a question: 

What would it look like if things were simple and easy to use in-store and payment transactions flowed seamlessly to your supply chain and system of record?  

We were convinced it would revolutionize enterprise retailing and our journey began.

Leading the charge with our flagship product SuitePOS, we have successfully made the in-store experience for your employees and customers simple and efficient. In addition, your payment transactions flow seamlessly, out-of-the-box, to sophisticated back-office ERP solutions such as NetSuite and Salesforce.  This translates directly to increased revenue, lower costs and a better customer experience.

Ray Tetlow - Founder, Director 

Ray is a computer science graduate from Aston University, UK.  He has worked for Oracle, Microsoft and several large systems integrators such as Accenture.  

Ray has successfully founded and sold three software companies; DataForce, a Inc 500 winner that specialized in Oracle EBS, Skyytek, the largest Solution Provider for NetSuite and Tactics, a consulting firm.  He now heads up Development and Operations at SuiteRetail. 



Jeff Schneider - Founder, Director

Jeff is a visionary when it comes to retail cloud solutions with years of deep experience that spans product management, UI architecture and business development. 

Jeff founded OnSite in 1998 which was acquired in 2013 by SuiteRetail.  He built the first POS for NetSuite which won NetSuite’s "Best Integrated Solution". He now heads up Sales and Marketing at SuiteRetail.




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