Features Summary


SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to offer simplicity, flexibility and speed for in-store checkout and to centralize all configuration and complexity on your platform of choice. The result is unified commerce from the front of the store and back to the business platform that run your entire company.

NetSuite and Salesforce Integration

SuitePOS is not just integrated to the Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce platforms, but is built for them. This is important for consistent realiability, automation and speed. Store and terminal configuration is performed centrally and customers and transactions flow seamlessly from the store to the platform where all back-office inventory, finance and analytical functions are performed.


SuitePOS offers myriads of configuration options that can be pushed centrally and out to the terminals at the stores. This means our system can be configured to cater for almost any store topography or retail environment.

Cash and Carry

Your clerks can ring up sales at a rapid clip using our well arranged user interface which follows Apple design standards

Bar Code Scanning

We provide two bar code scanning methods. The traditonal handheld scanner and the on-device camera, which is ideal for mobile and kiosk environments.

Offline Features

SuitePOS can operate in offline mode. This means if your internet is spotty or goes out, you can still ring up sales and process credit cards.

Drawer Management

Drawers can be opened and closed, counted and analyzed according to shift.


Process returns seamlessly and be assured the tax calculations are accurate, even across multiple jurisdictions. As an added benefit you can secure your revenue by refunding to gift cards.


Sale, refund and gift receipts can be be printed, emailed or texted.

Custom Fields

SuitePOS allows you to create your own dropdowns, checkboxes, date or text area fields to better track metrics about your customers for later analysis.

Split Payments

Payments can be split over different cards (or people) or even different types. SuitePOS tracks each payment to a transaction separately.

Tipping and Ticketing

Specially suited for quick service environments, SuitePOS can accept tips, differentiate take-outs and track ticket requests for later identification.

Sales Rep Capture

Sales Rep tracking means that you can identify who needs to be associated with the sale. This is useful for paying commissions and tracking employee performance.

Notes and Text Areas

Some orders require special instructions or preparation (eg. engraving). SuitePOS has various note and text area fields at the order and item level to be able to do that.


Our special approval workflow allows you to only enable certain things based on someone else authorizing it. For example, a manager might need to authorize a change of unit price during check-out or to grant a one-time discount.

Price Level and Discounts

SuitePOS combined with NetSuite or Salesforce allows you to set up complex price levels and books for customers based off standard discounts from MSRP.

Menu Links

Quick menu links allow you to jump to other web pages or systems from within SuitePOS. This is useful when you have specialized information that is needed during the check-out process.

Dual Displays

You can display the cart on a separate HD screen that works with Apple's Airplay. Your customers can see (in full detail) the items that are being rung up in real-time.

This satisfies any state requirements centered around this and also provide a better experience for your customers.


SuitePOS Extra Modules

All retailers run their businesses differently. Additional modules can be purchased so you can add functionality as you require it.

Sales Orders

This module unites your in-store experience with your eCommerce experience. It allows sales to be made, and deposits taken, that are fulfilled and shipped to you or a pickup store for later delivery.

Quick Service

Includes features such as service ticket printing and integrated scales* for kitchen, bar, fast-food, workshop and will-call retail environments.

* coming soon

Advanced Inventory

Inventory visibility, price-embedded barcodes (for deli scales and pre-weighed items) and lots/serialization gives you insight to better inform your customers and perform faster and more accurate check-outs.

Gift Cards

If you do not have a gift card program, you may want to consider one since it will increase sales. Your clerks can load, redeem and retrieve the balance of gift cards.

Advanced Promotions

This is ideal for sales events and ongoing promotions. Using our promotion engine you can set up simple whole order discounts based on an optional spend level or more complex mix-and-match scenarios. These can be applied automatically (or manually) when items are selected. This removes all the guesswork and errors by the clerks.

Dynamic Options

This is an automatic product configurator where you scan the main item and then associated items (free and paid) are displayed as choices. Ideal for retailers that kit or perform quick service, Dynamic Options promotes clerk accuracy and a better customer experience.


The future is customer self-checkout. It saves time and money and your customers will like it. We take our already simple interface and make it even easier for your customer to check out themselves.

Advanced Payments

Includes "On Account" where sales are made but paid for later and "Square Installments" where customers get fast installment approval (during checkout) and you get paid up-front.


There comes a time when it makes sense for retailers to run separate legal entities that are split by location, product or line of business. We have you covered because SuitePOS works with NetSuite One World.

NetSuite and Salesforce Features

Our partners, Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce, deliver work-class cloud platforms that can run your entire business. These powerful platforms are used to not only power our point-of-sale, SuitePOS, but also to power and automate almost any aspect of your business.


Brick and mortar stores and eCommerce go hand in hand. But to offer a seamless and consistent experience across all channels you need one system of record with all orders flowing through a single platform . This is known as unified commerce. All our selected platform partners excel in delivering unified commerce and will positively impact your customer's omni-channel experience.

Customer Relationships

Good customer relations only happen when you are tracking and using up-to-date information about your shoppers. Strong CRM allows you to reach out to your customers about relevant products, special sales, targeted promotions and just about anything that can drive more buying.


Marketing automation is paramount in today's retail environment. Using shopping data from multiple channels, you can open up communication to your customers and monitor what works and what does not. This allows you to focus on what’s important to your shoppers and to provide a superior brand experience.

Inventory and Supply Chain

Unified commerce means inventory levels, re-order points and re-stocking are all handled seamlessly no matter where the order originated. Certain retailers require that inventory is handled automatically and in real-time so that your stores can maximize selling capacity.

Finance and Analytics

Short and long-term decisions are based on accurate financial statements. At scale, it becomes impossible to maintain accuracy if you are relying on cobbling together a mass of solution hairballs. A single platform gives you the accuracy needed to make sound executive decisions across your organization or individual regions and stores.

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