Why SuitePOS is Important?

In-Store Speed and Simplicity

SuitePOS makes things simple and fast at the store by moving retail complexity to the back-end. This keeps friction away from away from your employees and provides a better (and faster) in-store experience for your customers.

SuitePOS is developed on the Apple platform using Apple's standard design esthetics. For fixed-lane or mobile applications, our system feels natural to everyone using it.

Back-office Superiority

To successfully move complexity away from the POS, a world-class business platform is utilized as the heart of our solution. These platforms manage all the back-office functions you may require at a fraction of the cost of maintaining separate systems (and trying to integrate these systems) that were not designed to work together.

The Power of One

Having a nice front-end POS app and a world-class ERP platform that unifies your commerce is one part of the challenge. But for it all to work seamlessly, and with a high degree of functionality, the two must be seamlessly integrated out-of-the-box. By seamlessly integrating the POS and ERP they both become one. This means that store transactions flow in real-time to your customer database (for later marketing), supply-chain (for re-ordering) and financials (for making decisions). Overall, this increases customer satisfaction, lowers costs and ultimately increases revenue.

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