The SuitePOS Difference

SuitePOS makes things simple at the store by moving retail complexity to the back-end. This keeps friction away from your customer and ultimately a better in-store experience.

SuitePOS is developed on the Apple platform using Apple's standard design esthetics. This means our system feels natural to your clerks and your customers since they have likely used Apple products before.

To successfully move the complexity away from the stores, a world-class business platform must be commissioned. These platforms perform all the back-office functions you will ever need at a fraction of the cost of maintaining separate systems (and trying to integrate) separate systems that were not designed to work together.

A nice front-end app and a world-class platform is one part of the challenge. The biggest part of the challenge (and our secret sauce) is to integrate the two, using the power of the platform, in such a way the they work as one.

Most other POS solutions are either siloed and rely on expensive data massaging or worse, they are aging monoliths that are just too hard and clunky to operate. Either way, this creates a software hairball that leaves your retail operations far behind.

SuitePOS is in a product class of our own. There are no other solutions that makes running stores simple and yet provides the seamless integration to the backoffice that is necessary to run a modern retail operation.

SuitePOS is all about "The Power of One". One security model, one data model and one system running your entire retail business. This frees up your stores to do what they do best: sell.

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