Target Customers

US-Based Retailers

Retailers in the United States are our focus. However, if you are a large multi-national or overseas retailer that thinks our product is a fit for your company, then we can consider localization. Of particular interest to us is Australia, Canada and the UK; these are territories where we already have payment processor integration.

Mid-Market and Enterprise

Our definition of mid-market or enterprise retailers are companies that have in-store transactions and are looking for these transactions to flow seamlessly into one system of record in the cloud. Typically you will be multi-store, multi-state or even multi-company and operate at higher transaction volumes.

Retail Types

If you are a General Merchandise, Specialty, or a Quick Service retailer, then we should be your solution of choice. General Merchandisers benefit from the strong warehousing and supply chain capabilities we offer and how inventory is adjusted as you sell. Specialty Retailers can take advantage of the strong omni-channel features we offer, achieved by having one system of record. Rapid checkout through SuitePOS provides the firepower to get through seasonal peaks and sales events by delivering exceptional customer experiences and reducing lines. Quick Service Retailers benefit from a simple interface clerks can use to guide them through sets of pre-configured options (such as an extra shot of espresso).

Single, Multi-Store, Pop-Ups

SuitePOS is equally at home in a single store, multiple stores or even stores within stores. The configuration options are endless.


Things can get complex when dealing with different states and jurisdictions. Keeping up with sales tax compliance is costly. Our standard and integrated tax engines can eliminate that burden.

NetSuite and Salesforce Platforms

SuitePOS is built for both the Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce business platforms. You will need one of these powerful platforms to power our in-store solution.

Fixed Lane, Mobile and Kiosk

SuitePOS is built on Apple's iOS platform. The solution is equally at home on a large iPad in a fixed-lane environment or as a mobile point-of-sale . We have even taken things one step further by simplifying an already easy-to-use experience so your customers can self-checkout in the kiosk mode.

High Transaction Volumes

It is not good for your brand if customers have to wait in line while a clerk fumbles around with an overly complex point-of-sale system. Rest assured, SuitePOS is engineered for simplicity and velocity. Your customer satisfaction and staff morale will increase as a result.

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