General notes:

  • Salesforce Administration experience is required
  • The customer is solely responsible for installation and upgrades
  • Using a sandbox org (first) is recommended (but not necessary)
  • Using a MDM solution, such as AirWatch, is recommended (but not necessary)
  • You must be on the Salesforce Enterprise Edition
  • You must have "Person Accounts Enabled" and profiles must be set to default to "Person Account"


  • We will provide you a link to install the SuitePOS Salesforce package.  You can use the link to install in to your Production account or your Sandbox account (by changing https://login...  with https://test... )
  • Read the Access Section carefully to understand a bit about users, access and licenses
  • Create a new profile based off a "Standard User" or from any "Custom" profile you have. Profiles are used to define overall access rights and defaults.  In order to quickly show POS related fields, change the default layout as follows:
    • Products => SPOS Product Layout
    • Accounts  => SPOS Account Layout
    • Person Accounts => SPOS Person Account Layout
  • There are two standard objects that contain custom fields.  Account and Product.  
    • For the "System Admin" profile, you will need to explicitly enable all POS fields for Account and Product in the respective custom layouts for the "System Administrator" profile.  Best practice is the create a section in the layout for "SuitePOS" so that these fields can easily be segregated from the rest.
    • For those that are using Record Types (for Accounts or Products), you will need to explicitly add in the SuitePOS fields on the layout for each Record Type you will be using.  
    • In addition, you have to explicitly enable the following lists (and all values) for each Product Record Type:
      • Merge Line Item (Default "Use Settings")
      • Type (No Default) - (if Type is blank it is not displayed in SuitePOS, for that reason it might be good practice to make this field required; depending on your needs).
      • Enable Text Area Capture (Default Disabled")
  • Any user (including System Admin) that requires access to the POS must be allocated a permission set.  This ensures that the right category of user has the right permissions for POS
    • Admin users, which use the Salesforce backend, should be given "SuitePOS Admin"
    • Terminal users, which is used by a device, should be given "SuitePOS Terminal"
  • Add your "Clerks" in to the Access.  Given them access rights and a PIN
  • Set up your Terminal records and allocate them to a specific POS Settings record
Test the set up by running the app, registering and processing a test transaction.  Remove the transaction.  You are now ready to start Implementation