To make the Square integration seamless we have integrated with Square using their Square App in a special mode.  This means when a card is to be processed, our App calls the Square App to complete the transactions and then it returns back to our App when complete.  

NOTE: Pay close attention to the screenshots. These instructions assume you have a working terminal 

  1. Order your Square hardware from Square, Apple or Best Buy
    • Square Reader
    • Square Enclosure

Square Site (

  1. Sign up for the Square Service
  2. Set up at least one store location per Square account.  
  3. Make a note of the Location Id
  4. Go through your settings carefully to make sure you have the options you want

Square App

  1. Download the Square POS Register app from the Apple Store
  2. Pair the Square Reader to the Square POS
  3. Go through Settings in the POS (Square) per screenshots
    • Most settings should be off
    • Enable offline transactions if you want to process cards offline
    • Enable skip receipt screen
    • Disable emails for refunds and sales

Platform Configuration (NetSuite/Salesforce)

  1. Ensure you have set up a POS Terminal record and it points to a POS Settings record
  2. POS Settings record
    • Gateway must equal Square
    • Set the Location Id

    You are now live with Square and are ready to run a test transaction.

    Note:  The first time you use the device with SuitePOS and Square, SuitePOS will require you to authorize for use with the Square App.  Make sure you approve all requests.  

    If this step is not performed correctly, you will be able to process sales but the last 4 digits of the credit card will be returned as '0000' and/or you will not be able to issue returns.  If that is the case, you can re-authorize by navigating to Settings in the SuitePOS app.