Square Plus Setup

Square Plus uses the Square Reader SDK to process payments. This means that the Square POS app does not need to be installed on your device.

The Square Reader (with optional dock) is connected via the USB hub to the Square Stand, or if you are not using a Square Stand, you pair via bluetooth. 

Note: We recommend the Square Stand with the Square Reader connected to the USB hub for fixed-lane installations. 


    • Order the Square hardware (from Square, Apple or Best Buy)
      • Square Reader
      • Square Stand (optional)
    • Set up a Square account (via Square's site or an Account Rep)
      • Set up at least one store location per Square account.  
      • Make a note of the Location Id
      • Go through your settings carefully
      • For now, do not enable two-factor authentication, it will cause authentication issues with Square Plus

    NetSuite (or Salesforce)

    Set the following fields on the POS Settings record:

    • Gateway must equal "Square Plus"
    • Set the Location Id

      Connecting the Square Reader

        In the SuitePOS app (Settings Screen) select "Connect Square Reader" and if you are connected via the Square USB hub, you will see the connection. If you are connecting via bluetooth, you will have to initiate the connection. You may need to Re-authorize Square by toggling the button and performing another sync.

        You are now live with Square and are ready to run transactions.




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