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"Being able to operate everything on the one system has helped us provide a better retail experience from knowing what is available, to ringing up items quickly. It has really helped us to modernize our store."

Don Wetherell, VP of Restaurant Operations, Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Rare Wines and Spirits has been in business since 1994, offering the best of Wine Country with a fun and authentic approach. They use SuitePOS for NetSuite as their retail management solution to help unify commerce, seamlessly integrating their in-store transactions with back-office business functions.

At a glance...

Systems Replaced: Everest POS

Problem: Bounty Hunter's previous system became outdated and was unable to integrate with the NetSuite ERP. Clerks would have to manually type in SKUs as there was no barcode scanning option, resulting in long checkout times.

Modules Implemented: Advanced Promotions

The SuitePOS Difference: SuitePOS and NetSuite enables clerks to look up inventory in real-time and search specific items requested by the customer. Additionally, transactions are made quicker with the barcode scanning feature, all helping to create a better customer experience.

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