Why are Retailers on NetSuite Switching to SuitePOS for NetSuite?

Why are Retailers on NetSuite Switching to SuitePOS for NetSuite?

August 20, 2019

Performance, reliability, agility, customer experience and native ERP integration top the list

SuitePOS has greatly improved the shopping experience and increased revenue for retailers on NetSuite that are doing significant volume at multiple stores, pop-up shops or events. In fact, SuitePOS is the only viable solution for these retailers. 

A few recent stories demonstrate the value of SuitePOS as the leading POS solution in the NetSuite ecosystem:

Credo Beauty: Customer experience is #1

Credo is obsessed with clean beauty. Like their safe, luxury beauty products, they wanted a single-system, industry leading back-end that would help them scale easily; replacing their legacy LightSpeed POS.  

NetSuite was selected as a pure cloud ERP suite capable of seeing Credo well beyond the demands of their 11 stores, thriving ecommerce, and growing product line. They tried using NetSuite's SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) but unfortunately, it did not meet their requirements. The interface, hardware and payments were not as snappy as before. Credo concluded SCIS would be detrimental to the shopping experience.  

Under pressure to go-live, SuitePOS for NetSuite was the answer. Credo deployed SuitePOS without any further delays to their plan, and achieved the look, feel, mobility and fast, trouble-free POS required to deliver the best shopping environment possible.

Mackenzie-Childs: Grand events require special POS performances

Mackenzie-Childs runs a mega barn sale every July. With millions and millions of dollars on the line, this is the single highest peak period for the top-end tableware and home furnishings brand. It is a successful event to say the least, with dozens of reps (some with no POS training) checking out customers at a rapid rate.

Already on NetSuite and having originally selected NetSuite's SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), Mackenzie-Childs quickly realized it was not fast or stable enough to support their retail environment. 

In a matter of weeks, and under an ambitious timeline, their stores were cutover to SuitePOS and the barn sale went live, breaking sales records and receiving very positive shopper feedback.

"We've been going to the barn sale for years. This year, the wait time to get in, get a cart and check out went much smoother and quicker. Thanks for improving our experience!"

"Much smoother and faster getting through the line this time. Very speedy checkout service!"

The greatly improved checkout experience and management of the solution from front to back was credited as critical to the success of the Summer 2019 event. The Barn sale was virtually line-free for the first time ever, while breaking sales records at the same time! 

Mackenzie-Childs also uses SuitePOS in their year-round stores. With SuitePOS for NetSuite all systems (front and back) are unified no matter what retail environment is thrown at it. This allows Mackenzie-Childs to focus on the shopper and not the transaction.

Ole Smoky Moonshine and Distilleries: Need for speed, and back-office/supply chain consolidation

You can walk into “The Holler” on a busy summer night and lineup to buy shots of craft Moonshines as one (of thousands ) of visitors at this buzzing distillery, tasting bar and store. The Holler is one of six large barn and country-style themed destinations by Ole Smoky. Deep Nashville heritage, and their success in creating a rich and fulfilling retail environment, makes this a must-see destination for many visiting the region.

Formerly using Teamwork Retail POS alongside Quickbooks, Ole Smoky did not want to integrate multiple databases anymore and opted for a single system to manage their entire business, including supply chain functions. Using NetSuite as their business platform, Ole Smoky simply purchased SuitePOS (which is already integrated with NetSuite).

Using SuitePOS, Ole Smoky maximizes the buying experience (and revenue) by offering rapid POS check-out and a sophisticated couponing system that promotes on the spot upsells at the POS. 

In conclusion:

POS options for higher volume retailers running NetSuite are very limited. Online POS solutions, such as NetSuite's own SCIS, may work well for low volume retailers, but likely not so much for those with higher volumes or that are mobile intensive. Other, loosely coupled POS integrations to NetSuite, ultimately fail at several levels. They become unreliable as your volume increases and then inflexible as they are mapped to a particular set of business rules which (of course) change over time. In other words, they become maintenance nightmares.

The Credo, Mackenzie-Childs and Ole Smoky customer stories are a testament to why SuitePOS for NetSuite exists and why it is very different to other POS options. 

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