SuitePOS is the only Apple-based point-of-sale solution built natively for the Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce business platforms. This means you can run your entire retail business, including in-store sales, eCommerce, customer relationships, marketing, supply chain and finance using one system.

Using one system translates to a seamless online and in-store customer experience, higher revenue, better scalability and lower costs.

Why SuitePOS is Important?

SuitePOS is simple to use at the store yet built on a powerful ERP platform that supports your entire business operation. This reduces your in-store burden and confusion and moves any complexities to the back-office.  

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Target Customers

We target growing and mid-market US retailers that run NetSuite and Salesforce and are looking for the best POS solution to simplify things in the store and increase transaction throughput.

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SuitePOS wide range of features and configuration is a product category differentiator. This, combined with a carefully crafted user experience, means that our POS is natural for your clerks to use with little to no training.

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Quick Demo Videos

Check out some live demos to give you a taste of how things might be.


Built on Apple

SuitePOS is an app that works on the iPad and iPhone. Your clerks (and customers) are likely accustomed to using these devices which reduces the learning curve.

Apple devices are superb for fixed-lane, clienteling, pop-up and mobile store environments.

Built for NetSuite

Our app features an easy to use design, but is powered by a powerful ERP back-end. SuitePOS has deep, native integration to the Oracle NetSuite ERP business platform. In other words, transactions and customers flow seamlessly into NetSuite and product updates and configuration parameters get sent to all your POS terminals.  

Built for Salesforce

SuitePOS is deeply embedded into the Salesforce platform. Since all POS data resides in Salesforce, the integration capabilities to other solutions on (or off) the Salesforce platform are endless.

This is a fantastic solution for retailers that want to adopt a coherent retail strategy and want to scale quickly without disruption.

Built for Anything

You may be looking for a great POS solution but are not ready to rip out your current system and processes. We have you covered.

"Built for Anything" means that you can purchase our system as a standalone solution and then use our API's, utilizing the Salesforce platform, to integrate in to just about any other system imaginable.

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Online, Offline

SuitePOS works when there is no internet connection. You can continue selling and be assured that the transactions (and credit cards) will be processed when things are back online.

Endless Options

SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to cater to most types of retailers. With hundreds of centrally configurable settings, you can set up almost any retail scenario in a matter of minutes and push out updates to the POS terminals automatically.


SuitePOS takes payments via EMV, Contactless (Such as Apple or Android Pay), On-Account, Check, Financing and Cash.


SuitePOS integrates with Square Payments. Other options include FirstData, Chase, Global Payments and many more.

Fast Training

A beautiful user experience means that SuitePOS is incredibly easy to use and intuitive for more complex retail scenarios.


SuitePOS delegates security to the world-class platforms we integrate with. It is secure and will pass any scrutiny.

Optional Modules

SuitePOS can scale as you scale. We modularized our product so that you do no have to pay for features you do not currently use.

Feature Summary

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