SuitePOS is a single POS app that works on Apple's iPad and iPhone. This same app works for many different situation in your store, be it fixed-lane, mobile, clienteling or self-service. The best part is that your staff and customers are likely familiar with these devices which means more familiarity and less training.

Apple devices are superb for retailers because they are insanely secure and solid; thereby protecting your customers and investment.


Our app features an easy to use design, but is powered by a powerful ERP back-end. SuitePOS has deep, native integration to the Oracle NetSuite ERP business platform. In other words, transactions and customers flow seamlessly into NetSuite and product updates and configuration parameters get sent to all your POS terminals.  


SuitePOS is deeply embedded into the Salesforce platform. Since all POS data resides in Salesforce, the integration capabilities to other solutions on (or off) the Salesforce platform are endless.

This is a fantastic solution for retailers that want to adopt a coherent retail strategy and want to scale quickly without disruption.


SuitePOS does not save its data in a proprietary database. This means the data is very secure and you do not have to integrate settings, customer, product and transactional data between platforms because it is already done for you . Unlike most other POS solutions, this design approach makes the system fast, scalable, flexible and reliable - important attributes when dealing with revenue and customers that are expecting a high-level of service.



The key to great fixed-lane environment is to provide simple, good-looking hardware, easy-to-use software and speed. SuitePOS fits the bill in every department. By keeping the front-end very simple and moving the complexity to the underlaying back-office supply chain and ERP, you keep your store managers happy, the clerks happy and above all, your customers happy.


Mobile checkout is becoming front and center for retailers. It allows staff to rapidly check out customers as quickly as possible and therefore respecting their valuable time.

Using exactly the same app as for fixed-lane, SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to deliver a truly remarkable mobile .check-out experience for the busier store.


SuitePOS is without a doubt advanced retail technology. Using a device in hand, store staff can provide enhanced personalization by having a 360-degree view of customers and product information.

This information is power and can turn into conversations anywhere in your store. Conversations mean more customers registering (for later marketing), increased sales and higher chances for up-sells. The "endless aisle" is truly at your finger tips even if you do not have product in stock.


Your customers may simply want to order items for preparation or simply grab and go. Using the same SuitePOS app you can configure the terminal as a kiosk that simplifies the UX and makes it consumer friendly. This increases your efficiency and can significantly reduce labor costs.


SuitePOS works when there is no internet connection. You can continue selling and be assured that the transactions (and credit cards) will be processed when things are back online.


SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to cater to most types of retailers. With hundreds of centrally configurable settings, you can set up almost any retail scenario in a matter of minutes and push out updates to the POS terminals automatically.


SuitePOS takes payments via EMV, Contactless (such as Apple or Android Pay), On-Account, Check, Financing and Cash.


SuitePOS integrates with Square Payments and Stripe Terminal. Other options include FirstData, Chase, Global Payments and many more.

Fast Training

A beautiful user experience means that SuitePOS is incredibly easy to use and intuitive for more complex retail scenarios.


SuitePOS delegates security to the world-class platforms we integrate with. With our "No Database" approach, we do not store any sensitive information on the device.

Optional Modules

SuitePOS can scale as you scale. We modularized our product so that you do no have to pay for features you do not currently use.

Feature Summary


Increase your sales dramatically by providing an easy way for your customers to finance purchases right at the point of sale.