SuitePOS is the only Apple-based point-of-sale solution built natively for NetSuite and Salesforce.  This means you can run your entire business, from supply chain to finance, on one cloud system.

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Built on Apple

SuitePOS is an app that works on the iPad and the iPhone.  Superb for fixed-lane, clienteling and mobile store environments.

Built for NetSuite

SuitePOS has deep, native integration to Oracle's NetSuite.  NetSuite becomes the central repository to manage your storefronts as well as your supply chain, inventory, e-commerce, customer relationships, marketing and finance. It’s a single unified commerce solution capable of running  your entire business from front to back.

Built for Salesforce

SuitePOS is deeply embedded in the Salesforce platform.  This means you can manage the POS centrally from Salesforce and Salesforce becomes the system of record for all customer relationships and transactions. Since all POS data resides in Salesforce, you have the capability of integrating with almost any Salesforce app available.

Online and Offline

SuitePOS works when there is no internet connection.  Offline, you can continue selling and be assured that the transactions (and credit cards) will be processed when back online.

Endless Options

SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to cater for most types of retailers. With hundreds of centrally configurable settings, you can set up almost any retail scenario in a matter of minutes.

Multiple Payment Methods

EMV credit cards, contactless payments such as Apple or Android Pay, gift cards, on-account and cash are all accepted.

Choice of Processors

SuitePOS is the first mid-market POS solution to feature Square for simple, modern and secure payment processing. Other options include CardEase which provides functionality such as real-time line display and support for leading processors like FirstData, Chase, Global Payments and many more.

Fast Training

A beautiful user experience means that SuitePOS is incredibly easy to use.  Staff can be trained in minutes to handle even the most complex retail scenarios.

World-Class Security

NetSuite and Salesforce  boast advanced security and standards considered amongst the world’s best. Our POS uses their role-based security models so you can segregate duties and permissions between terminals, managers, clerks and stores.

Cash and Shift Management

SuitePOS tracks all cash movements from the initial float to closing on a per shift basis.  This helps reduce errors, theft and other discrepancies.

Returns Management

Goods can be returned based off the original sale or as standalone returns. Configurable options can be set regarding who has access to returns and whether matched payment methods are required.

Optional Modules

Advanced Inventory

With real-time stock visibility, serialization/lots and price embedded barcode support.

Gift Cards

Increase loyalty and revenue by selling, redeeming and issuing refunds to digital and physical gift cards.   

Advanced Promos

A sophisticated promotion engine that can be applied automatically or selectively to items.


Complex tax requirements can be fully automated to ensure sales tax compliance.

Dynamic Options

A product configurator that guides you through paid and unpaid add-on items and modifiers.

Kiosk Mode

Simplified, consumer friendly checkout your customers can self-serve on.

Advanced Orders

The ability to sell to customers who pay later (On Account) and other advanced order functions. 


Multi-company environments are supported including NetSuite OneWorld.