Several years ago we installed our "classic" Windows POS solution for Wrigleyville Sports and they immediately benefited from the first native point-of-sale solution for retailers on NetSuite.

The integration was seamless. Multi-channel (it wasn't called "omni-channel" back then...) customer and item data was right at their fingertips and all their locations were a browser away via NetSuite. They threw their servers and data backups to the curb and said goodbye to their legacy client/server nightmares along with the steep costs and lack of visibility that came with it.

The trade-off however was speed.

Despite dual high-speed internet lines and a preferred tier of service from NetSuite, the playoffs pushed the limits of our original web/NetSuite dependent POS. They just barely made it through, and while they've been loyal SuiteRetail customers ever since, they longed for a POS that was as powerful as our classic Windows solution but that possessed the speed of an offline, local POS.

A few weeks ago, it looked like the Cubs would make it back to the playoffs and Wrigleyville Sports was worried about the hundreds of shoppers flooding the store before and after the home games.  With less than two weeks to go, they decided that SuiteRetail's new Apple iOS POS was exactly what they needed to line bust and hoped it could be raised in time to help with pretty much the busiest retail environment you could imagine.

Well - we did it!

With the Cubs up 5-4 in the bottom of the 6th and his retail team having served the first rush of pre-game shoppers, Trey Carlstrom, Owner of Wrigleyville Sports, took the time to email me:

"...Helped out a ton, thanks.  Working fast. Very Good!"

And whether the Cubs win or lose, he can rest easy tonight and for the remainder of the playoffs knowing that every single transaction is in NetSuite, his back-office processes and reporting no different and as reliable as it's been for the last 8 years with SuiteRetail's solutions.

Cloud ERP/platform leaders like NetSuite and Salesforce have revolutionized almost every aspect of business software and delivery. When it comes to brick-and-mortar retail though, the leading-edge does not lie solely in the cloud.  Internet still gets slow and usually when a retailer needs it the most. If you're mobile, you can't really depend on it at all.

Cloud service providers experience latency during peak hours and seasonal sprees and customers stand in line waiting. So when we set out to build our second generation POS, goal #1 was to deliver blazing fast performance but with a single system of record in the cloud.

The best of both worlds as we like to call it.  Wrigleyville Sports and the 2015 playoffs are shining proof of our ability to reach this goal and we are very proud!