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Flight 901 is boarding and shoppers in the store just outside the gate are fidgeting in line. The two clerks are struggling to keep up and are constantly rubbing elbows behind the cramped counter.   A mom grabs the three Gatorades and bags of popcorn her kids are holding and puts these items roughly back onto the nearest magazine rack. She yells at them to “hurry up and forget it” as they can’t miss this flight. It’s contagious. Others follow suit and start to abandon their purchases.  

You own a chain of sporting good stores manned with cashiers who are idle for a large percentage of the time. It’s costing you a lot of money while you pay for them to twiddle their thumbs.  As you enter into each new season you find yourself understaffed and are forced to pay overtime or bring on temporary and undertrained help.

Perhaps Christmas shopping has started and buzz is building for the hit clothing line you spent thousands of dollars promoting. Your team was smart this year and ramped up production, determined to make it through Black Friday without running out of stock. However, what was a full store yesterday is now a line out the door today. The good news – you won’t be running out of stock. The bad news – shoppers are leaving because they cannot spend thirty minutes waiting in line. 

Shoppers rushing through a store to buy and completely giving up because the wait is too long is lost revenue and bad for the brand. Increasing clerks or over-staffing for peak loads is costly and inefficient. The solution is self-service kiosks that are simple for customers to use, simple for retailers to setup, and powerful enough to meet the demands of the modern omni-channel retailer.

SuitePOS is a great POS solution for retailers that are looking to have one system of record in the cloud using Salesforce or NetSuite. Now with the kiosk module, the in-store experience enters a new frontier as an extension of the same single system. Customers can shop and pay with minimal sales rep assistance or with no clerk interaction at all and yet the retailer keeps the functional benefits and effortless deployment SuitePOS is known for.

If you are bleeding revenue due to long lines and seasonal peaks but don’t want to increase your staff and the high costs that come with it, SuitePOS Kiosk is the answer.