SuitePOS is now fully integrated with the Square payment gateway.   This brings the consumerization of payment processing to mid-market and enterprise retailers.  You might want to take a look!

The integration makes things a lot easier for you.  It combines the simplicity of Square with the sophistication, centralization and efficiency of a common back-end such as NetSuite or Salesforce.  This is knitted together by our SuitePOS Apple solution which makes for an efficient retail environment.

Here are some things to remember about Square:

  • Rates are flat and transparent. No long-term contracts.
  • Rates are likely lower. Significantly lower
  • High-volume and high-availability. Fast! 
  • EMV Dip, Swipe, Contactless. Covered!
  • Set up and link to your bank.  Minutes!
  • Offline and Mobile ready
  • Next day (or same day) depositing
  • Beautiful hardware

If you are an existing customer you can try it today (only takes a few minutes).  Setting up Square