The South’s largest Christmas village, The Incredible Christmas Place, turned to SuitePOS for its easy out-of-the-box integration with Netsuite and ability to process transactions at speed.

Predicated by continued growth and massive peak shopping surges, Christmas Place decided it was time for an IT overhaul. They initially turned to Netsuite to provide front of house POS and back of house ERP.

While Netsuite’s ERP was implemented successfully prior to their busy season last year, the NetSuite POS simply did not work well for them.  To get sales into Netsuite they had to rely on their legacy POS solution, manual transaction uploads, and a lot of hard work involving several departments.  

It was clear a proven POS was necessary. That’s when Christmas Place called SuiteRetail.    

By moving to SuitePOS for NetSuite, Christmas Place greatly simplified their IT environment (in short order) and addressed all issued related to transaction velocity. Furthermore, Christmas Place took advantage of SuiteLoyalty 2.0, a Netsuite SuiteCommerce advanced bundle that issues discounts and gift cards to  loyal customers. Given SuitePOS's deep Netsuite integration, these can also be redeemed natively at the POS.

SuitePOS leverages NetSuite as the single system of record across the board for Christmas Place. Omni-channel marketing, product management and analytics unlocks the full power of NetSuite for their brick-and-mortar presence.

With the Apple iOS aesthetics, Sales Associates love the simplicity and elegance of the system.

Shawn Arnold, CTO, comments "The Cashiers and Retail Managers LOVE the new registers!"