The latest version of SuitePOS (release 2.3) contains a variety of new features aimed at increasing in-store productivity and extending the fit of SuitePOS for retailers.

Features include:

  • Support for serialized items. This enables retailers to track an individual item throughout its lifetime. Certain types of products, such as firearms, computer components or memorabilia, need to be tracked as unique items through the production, distribution, and warranty phases.

  • Support for lot numbered items. A lot number is an identification number assigned to a set of the same items from a single manufacturer and are typically found on the outside of packaging. This is commonly used to identify the batch (and date) of perishables, such as food and bottled drinks.

  • Printed barcodes. Barcodes can now be printed on receipts for each item to permit fast returns for items that may not have a label on them.

  • Several POS features aimed at rapid check-out and increased product visibility such as scanning an item barcode to begin a new sale, the ability to lookup Gift Card balances, support for longer item descriptions and much more.

Coming very soon:

  • Dynamic Options. This module will enable stores who configure products on-the-fly, and Quick Service retailers who build food items and drinks, to effortlessly serve customers at the POS. Options for a main item can be configured thorough a guided interface. The best part is that all dynamic options can be tracked at the inventory level together with setting special pricing applicable to the dynamic option item.

Full Features List (PDF)