Can your POS solution handle a crowd like this ?

Let’s step back to last year when the Chicago Cubs made it to the playoffs. Wrigleyville Sports turned to SuiteRetail needing a super-fast POS solution to deal with the onslaught of Cubs fans that would surely flood their stores around game time.

The answer was SuitePOS for NetSuite which was implemented in a matter of days and just in time to handle tens of thousands of excited fans looking to support the Cubs’ playoff run.

With the Cubs up 5-4 in the bottom of the 6th and his retail team having served the first rush of pre-game shoppers, Trey Carlstrom, Owner of Wrigleyville Sports, declared, ...Helped out a ton, thanks.  Working fast. Very Good!”

Ultimately, the Cubs made it to the National League Championships for the first time since 2003 and the shopping fervor reached a level that hadn’t been seen in over a decade. The result for Wrigleyville was high throughput at the point-of-sale and huge sales revenue.

Joining Wrigleyville this year was the Clark Street Sports chain who bolstered their stores and pop-ups for a record-setting shopping season. Like Wrigleyville, Clark Street stocks an abundance of Cubs merchandise, and needed to leverage SuitePOS’s services and turnkey implementation just in time for the playoffs.

SuitePOS delivered and provided the much needed boost Clark Street was calling for. Even with Clark Street’s 30,000+ products and 100,000+ customers, the POS was fully operational and seamlessly integrated into NetSuite in a matter of days. This allowed an immediate increase of capacity in their Chicago area locations and additional pop-up stores.

Congratulations to two shining examples of Chicago’s finest retailers! Pushed hard by the Chicago Cubs post-season run, they are winning on a single-cloud ERP solution with a modern and high-performing POS.