Beauty Collection is Southern California's premier beauty destination. Founded in 1992 and operating out of six stores, Beauty Collection places an emphasis on brick and mortar and needed a proven POS solution to complement their single system cloud initiatives.

Running great in the back of the house with NetSuite ERP, Beauty Collection finally decided to make the switch from NetSuite’s POS to SuitePOS for powering storefronts.

Garret Richardson, head of IT says,  "The move was largely predicated by an unreliable integration between NetSuite's POS and NetSuite”.  

Beauty Collection sought both a perfected integration and an aesthetic that was worthy of their brand.

“SuitePOS was the only solution we found that could encapsulate the required aesthetic, ability to handle our high transaction volumes, and still maintain NetSuite as the single system of record” says Richardson.

To makes things even easier, Beauty Collection also took advantage of SuitePOS’s recent integration into Square’s credit card processing platform.

Richardson comments, “The Square hardware looks great, setting up a multi-location account took minutes, and more importantly, we were able to negotiate rates that were competitive with the traditional processing networks”.

Richardson is very happy with SuitePOS’s performance to date, stated the POS transition was a smooth one, so much so, that they’ve augmented the in-store experience with a custom-built omni-channel loyalty program in which customers can redeem their rewards & prizes at a SuitePOS terminal.