Triple Aught Design, manufacturer and retailer of military-spec outdoor apparel and accessories, moved to SuitePOS for its modern aesthetics, ease of use, and ability to transact in to NetSuite at blazing speeds.

During the fall of each year, Triple Aught throws a huge discount sale and prepares for peak traffic in what’s already a busy season. Doors open at the crack of dawn and the line wraps around the block.

This is demand few stores can tolerate. The average time in line for this annual event used to be 90 minutes, but this year was different according to Peter Hogg, CTO. Triple Aught had just implemented SuiteRetail’s new Apple iOS based SuitePOS for Netsuite and the results were stunning. Customers wait times were cut by more than 50%.

The ability to serve more customers, faster, contributed to an increase of sales and significantly higher customer satisfaction. Hogg attributes the reduction in wait times to three factors:

  • Increased checkout and transaction processing speeds  
  • The intuitive user interface seamlessly guides the clerk through sale and checkout
  • Corporate employees, with minimal training, can grab an iPhone or iPad to effortlessly line-bust

Hogg also cited that the time to train staff on the POS was reduced drastically. This is good news for seasonal retailers that staff up with temporary clerks during peak season.