Operating under the brand names Blackbird Vineyards, Recuerdo Wines, Resolute Wines, and ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens, Bespoke collection offers a curated selection of boutique wines, one-of-a-kind objet d’art, and unique lifestyle experiences.

Many of life’s magical moments are shared with loved ones over a good bottle of wine. Bespoke Collection strives to capture the essence of these personal connections in their own customer interactions.

“Bespoke at its heart is about tailored customer interactions and SuitePOS for Salesforce just enhanced our ability to interact with our guests” says Paul Leary, President and Partner.

With multiple channels operating under multiple brands, Bespoke understood the only true way to solve the omni-channel predicament was investment in a single cloud platform; a shared but centralized view of their business and customers that transcends channels was the goal.

Given Bespoke’s focus on the customer, the obvious platform was Salesforce. Bespoke utilizes Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and to ensure they capture and respond appropriately to each touch point of a customer’s journey.

Until now, the only major part of the technology stack that sat outside of the Salesforce ecosystem was their Point-of-Sale solution. Sales Associates were not able to access critical customer data at the POS.

Leary comments, “Whether a guest is considering art today, or buying wine tomorrow, it’s essential each and every sales associate has access to that customer’s journey. Prior to SuitePOS, our sales associates were forced to oscillate between two systems. One to transact, and one to look up a customer’s history. SuitePOS has brought together a POS solution and CRM platform (Salesforce) into a single turnkey app. Sales associates can now look up a customer’s journey, and with a single click, be ready to take a transaction. This facilitates an even more efficient and personalized customer experience and that just makes good business sense”.

Leary also states that much of the impetus behind this project has been to simplify Bespoke’s IT infrastructure and move away from complex and clunky integrations.

Leary added, “The implementation process was near turnkey. This was largely made possible by the fact SuitePOS is built explicitly for Salesforce and uses common objects that we use and are native to the Salesforce platform”. Leary concludes “We’ve always understood the benefits of running our entire business on Salesforce. SuitePOS was the next step in that evolution and the results are obvious: We’ve enhanced our customer experience, reduced the complexity of our IT infrastructure, and all this is housed on sleek iPads that augment our brands. A great outcome!”.