Founded in 2014, SuiteRetail is a software service company that improves the in-store experience for mid-market retailers by re-imagining the POS, and making it simple, flexible, stable and fast.

We have long thought that in-store retail is too complex at the POS. Dated hardware, expensive and inflexible payment processors, and outrageous legacy software requirements, that shoppers do not care about, has compounded this. This ultimately translates to lost revenue, escalating costs, lines out of the door and unhappy shoppers. Eventually, leading to retail demise. 

Recognizing this, the SuitePOS app was developed . This simple-to-use POS solution has taken the complexity away from the store and moved it to the back-office platform,  where it belongs.

This means that mid-market retailers benefit from increased shopper satisfaction, better conversations leading to more revenue and the lowering of costs. 

"Square" for the Enterprise has arrived.


Increase your sales dramatically by providing an easy way for your customers to finance purchases right at the point of sale.