Welcome to the SuitePOS (IOS) Production Version.  This version is recommended for all environments.

 The app requires the NetSuite or Salesforce platform.

Read the release notes very carefully.  Installing this app in a production account without preparing, scheduling and testing it could result in your system being no longer operational.

Download App Version Date Supported Platforms Release Summary
2.4.1A Build 575
iOS 11.2.x | NetSuite 2017.2 (Bundle 2.4.31) | Salesforce Enterprise (Package 2.56)
Release Notes
2.4.1 Build 573 (*d) 01/02/18
iOS 11.2.x | NetSuite 2017.2 (Bundle 2.4.30/31) | Salesforce Enterprise (Package 2.56)
Release Notes
Build 507C (*d)
iOS 10.3.x | NetSuite 2017.1/2 (Bundle 2.3.10) | Salesforce Enterprise (Package 2.35)
Release Notes

       (*d) - Deprecated

       (*dSF) - Deprecated - Salesforce Only

       (*dNS) - Deprecated - NetSuite Only

      Deprecated versions mean that they will be removed relatively soon.  Typically on the next major.