There are two components to the SuitePOS app.  The Apple iOS app, which is run on your Apple device and sync's data to/from Salesforce.  There is also a Salesforce Package which is used to administer SuitePOS and orchestrate the integration.

There are two distinct permission sets we give you and this is attached to a Salesforce paid user license.  All Salesforce POS users including System Admin, Salesforce Users and Terminals (for the API) must have at least one permission set.

SuitePOS Admin

This permission set is used to give the Salesforce user full access rights to the SuitePOS packaged objects in Salesforce. It is used to set up things like store settings, terminals, organizations and the like.  

SuitePOS Terminal

This permission set is used by the Apple devices running our app to sync data to and from the device and Salesforce. The permission set is only for the API.  Termiinal Salesforce Licenses will typically not have access to Salesforce unless you want to enable Salesforce1 access.  Salesforce1 allows direct access in to Salesforce from the POS terminal to see things like dashboards and reports.  

The Access Object

This lists all the PIN's (and permissions) that clerks are allowed to do in the POS.  The PIN is entered in when a clerk logs in to the POS.  There is no connection between these PIN's and access to Salesforce directly. 

Terminal Object

Every Terminal that has access to the POS must have a Terminal record with a valid Device Id (obtained during the one-time registration of the terminal in the app).  Every terminal must be associated with one POS Settings record so that the SuitePOS App can auto configure itself. 


This is associated with one or more terminals.  It is used to globally configure a group of terminals for things like store name, receipt print formats and over 120 other things.  In most cases, you would have one terminal per store.

User Licensing

Our license server validates your entitlement against the following:

  • number of active terminal records that have a device id
  • active modules on the settings record

If these entitlement fail for any reason, you will not be able to access any of your POS devices until the entitlement is satisfied.