Heard of the term "Total Retail" ?  Not many people have!

Consumers now view multi-channel retail as "table stakes".  Consumers have grown to expect a similar experience whether they are buying in the store or via a web site.  Brands should forget what they have heard about "omni-channel" or "multi-channel", a definition that defines retailers must have physical stores as well as web/mobile sales platforms.

Welcome "Total Retail".

"Total Retail" is to step beyond the thought of multiple channels and silos; it is creating a consistent brand story across all platforms that is fully interactive and completely connected.

For example, a shopper may be in a store in Newark, DE looking at their favorite camera.  They would also like to know if it in stock for pick-up at the store near their home because it is closer.   To achieve this, shoppers need real-time access to a retailer's inventory across all channels and locations; and that level of sophistication requires nifty software.

Expect to see retailers adopt solutions such as what SuiteRetail offers to capitalize on this trend.  Expect to see "Total Retail" become front and center stage.