Google Wifi is serious business,  boasting revolutionary algorithms and mesh technology for amazing stability and performance.  Wrapped in a discreet and sleek form factor, sets of these tiny cylinders ensure seamless wifi connectivity over large areas.

It’s designed so a layperson with no training can setup the devices called Google Wifi “points” in a matter of minutes. But don’t let the simplicity fool you - Google Wifi is the real deal.

Recently I witnessed a retailer shuffle around a half-dozen $900 commercial-grade access points in a challenging, old, and partially underground space. They were trying to deliver an ‘always-on’ experience and it wasn’t going so well.

The solution? Rip everything out, throw in sets of Google Wifi points (no techie or carpenter needed) in front of a single router, resulting  in seamless coverage across thousands of square feet within an hour.

It’s easy to make the mistake of correlating small business and consumer products like Google Wifi with the notion that they can’t work for big businesses and serious environments. However, it’s quite the opposite. Google is on the leading edge with innovative tech and design, while commercial tech tends to be a few years behind and can’t be refreshed at a low cost.

Products like Google Wifi follow the trend of powerful consumer products moving upstream into business environments over the last decade. Examples of this include Apple supplanting Blackberry and Square Payments going into the mid-market. Cloud software is another case of consumer tech that took awhile to grab hold in the corporate arena, but is now becoming the standard for new implementations.

The smart retail exec is opting more and more for solutions that an intern can setup instead of holding themselves hostage with expensive, over-engineered systems and hardware appliances. Google Wifi falls into this category and is a solid example of the move towards consumer-simple technology in business.