Distroller, founded in Mexico City in 2004, has become a household name in Latin America with over 60 locations. Known for designing colorful, creative, and fun products along with amazing interactive experiences for children, Distroller entered the US marketplace this past Spring with a flagship store in San Diego, California.

Operating as a startup and with a rapid timeline to launch, it was very important for Distroller to find a system they could set up and scale quickly and at a much lower cost than the enterprise software mix used by their parent company. A second store has opened it’s doors in Houston, Texas and 8 more are planned to open within the next 18 months.

“We wanted cloud and rapid deployment and needed something that could grow as we grow into a major retailer here. NetSuite was the best platform for our needs, a perfect fit for a fast-growing mid-market startup with unified commerce, warehousing, crm, financials - everything really”, says Daryn Fillis, CEO. “We also needed a very strong traditional lane and mobile POS for the type of volume we expected for adoption parties and holidays. SuiteRetail and their high-performing SuitePOS app was the only native solution for NetSuite that met our requirements.”

In a retail industry that has seen its fair share of store closings in the last year, Distroller stands out as a disruptor with efforts led first and foremost by brick-and-mortar storefronts and enriched by online content, and ecommerce.  An in-store journey, centered around Distroller’s Neonate Babies line of adoptable babies, is unlike anything else consumers have experienced. Associates will sit with children and their families while carefully evaluating the needs of both the young shoppers and the adoptable babies. The purchase can be completed right on the spot using SuitePOS mobile POS in a shared experience that helps children recognize the cost, responsibility, and also the beauty of supporting babies.  

“SuitePOS running on iPhones blends right in with the experience”, says Fillis. “Fast and simple, often the children will look at the screen alongside the associate, selecting products and even presenting the card to complete the process. They love taking charge!”

Helping Distroller USA with their software evaluation and POS selection was Cumula 3 Group, a certified NetSuite and SuiteRetail Solution Partner.

“Creating our business from the ground up here in the US, we needed a full-service effort from an experienced consultancy. Cumula initially came onsite for an in-depth survey led by a team that included a CPA and Business Process Engineer. They had a deep knowledge of NetSuite and how a retail business like ours should be set up”, says Fillis. “They continued the effort remotely, working with the SuiteRetail team and the result was one system to run our entire business ready for go-live in short order. This allowed us to focus on what we do best - the delivery of a unique and industry disruptive retail product. We couldn’t be happier with Cumula, SuiteRetail and the NetSuite platform.”