Sugarfina is on pace to double revenue this year. Over 40 stores have opened in the US, and next year Sugarfina plans to expand internationally.  

Sugarfina’s stunning, elegant fashion-forward confectionaries and packaging, a hit on social media channels such as Instagram, is a fresh and exciting take on candy. A unique online and in-store experience compliments the product and results in the perfect box of sweets for special gifts or events.

To execute their vision and effortlessly scale across new locations and channels, Sugarfina implemented Oracle NetSuite as their ERP solution on the back-end. For in-store sales, they turned to SuiteRetail, makers of SuitePOS, the leading point-of-sale solution for NetSuite. However, while SuitePOS is known for it’s native, seamless integration to select ERPs, along with a modern and super-fast checkout process, it couldn’t offer functionality out-of-the-box that matched up with Sugarfina’s unique shopping experience.

When a customer walks into a Sugarfina store, they may be looking for a wedding-party custom themed box of confectionaries, or a standout gift of curated chocolates for someone special. The customer selects a Bento Box, flat-priced based on size, and then hand-picks each piece of candy to go into the box. Some of the candies may incur additional costs (eg. gold-plated chocolates), they may opt for a unique sleeve for the box, and there are matching up-sell recommendations or combos the customer may want to consider.

SuiteRetail worked with Sugarfina to come up with the most efficient and intuitive way for clerks to guide a customer through this process. A new SuitePOS module, “Dynamic Options” was born and the result was a reduction in checkout time and user errors along with an increase in average revenue per transaction. SuiteRetail also accommodated several other features to optimize all aspects of their in-store checkout process.

“SuiteRetail listened to how our business works and went above and beyond our requirements. The POS is very easy to use and streamlines our checkout process for both clerks and customers”, said Ryan Nelson, Vice President of Retail. “They are super-passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to retail and I couldn’t imagine a better partner to support our rapid growth.”

In the past, a retailer like Sugarfina would have had to consider expensive custom development requiring ongoing maintenance and costly support. By incorporating the functionality as a standard module, SuiteRetail is able to deliver the entire POS as a service, maintaining and supporting the solution without Sugarfina worrying about stability or legacy lock-in.

“When we launched SuitePOS a few years ago, objective #1 was to provide a simple, fast and modern POS with native integration to select ERP systems. We said “No” to a lot of feature requests”, said Jeff Schneider, Co-founder of SuiteRetail. “Now we are ready to say “Yes”, and the success of SuitePOS for Sugarfina proves it’s possible to deliver enterprise-ready POS as a service, along with features to support amazing retail experiences. This is disruption at its finest. We want to send a message to larger retailers: You don’t have to maintain your clunky and aging POS solutions any longer.”