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“From a backend perspective, SuitePOS is a significant leap. It’s far more dynamic, and now we feel confident there are no gaps in the data. The amount of effort from a management and maintenance standpoint is effectively zero. And it’s much more user-friendly for our sales associates.”

Dane Lickteig, Business Systems Manager, Rally House

Speciality retailer Rally House sells a huge array of clothing, hats, gifts, and more. Each item features a sports team’s logo and colors – one of hundreds of local, college, and professional sports teams. Founded in 1989, Rally House now has over 130 stores, with more planned.

  • 130+ stores
  • 1 million+ SKU codes
  • Previous POS system: NetSuite POS

The Challenge: 

Rally House’s legacy POS system struggled to manage its vast volumes of data, including over 1 million SKU codes. It was slow and not user friendly, which was frustrating for both customers and staff. 

Behind the scenes, there was a data blind spot, due to syncing delays. Staff couldn’t access the reliable, up-to-date data they needed on item availability, customer sales histories, and more. They spent a lot of time on manual workarounds to overcome the system’s limitations.  

With the busy holiday season approaching, Rally House needed a modern, fast, flexible in-store POS system with a user-friendly interface and strong data management capabilities.

The Solution: 

Rally House first tested SuitePOS for NetSuite in a few pilot locations to see how it handled heavy sales traffic. 

After seeing how well SuitePOS performed – even on big game days, when sales surge – the company rolled out SuitePOS to all its 130+ stores. 

The Results:

Implementing SuitePOS has given Rally House: 

  • Faster transaction processing times
  • Reduced staff overheads due to less IT management required
  • Cost savings from switching to a modern payment provider
  • Minimal staff training required to use the POS system
  • More efficient staff – 95% of sales tasks are easier to do
  • Peace of mind from data transparency and accuracy


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