Wine and Spirits

“Prior to SuitePOS, our sales associates were forced to oscillate between two systems. One to transact, and one to look up a customer’s history. SuitePOS has brought together a POS solution and CRM platform (Salesforce) into a single turnkey app.”

Paul Leary, Bespoke Collection

Operating under the brand names Blackbird Vineyards, Recuerdo Wines, Resolute Wines, and ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens, Bespoke collection offers a curated selection of boutique wines, one-of-a-kind objet d’art, and unique lifestyle experiences. Bespoke uses SuitePOS for Salesforce for its native Salesforce integration that allows Bespoke to tailor each customer interaction and extending a seamless unified omnichannel experience to their in-store clientele.


System Replaced: Microsoft POS

Problem: Inability to access CRM at POS

Modules Implemented: N/A

The SuitePOS Difference: Perfected Integration; Fully integrated CRM; Direct Access to SF1; iPad Aesthetic

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Collections: Some Customers

Category: Wine and Spirits