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“The annual Barn Sale is one of our most important sales and brand events of the year and SuitePOS made it one of the most effective and efficient ones we have ever had. The implementation, training and use of the new system was nearly flawless.”

John J. Ling, CEO, MacKenzie-Childs

MacKenzie-Childs is an omni-channel retailer and manufacturer of home decor. In addition to their year round retail stores, MacKenzie-Childs runs a large Barn Sale that focuses on discerning professional families by offering fun and unique home decor and collectables. The event runs over 4 days and has grown significantly over the years. 

Barn Sales are important to MacKenzie-Childs due to branding and the many millions of dollars that are transacted in a very short time period. This sort of environment can place a lot of burden on any retail system. 


System Replaced: NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce In-Store (SCIS).

Problem: Slow and unreliable. This was a big issue for their events.

Modules Implemented: Advanced Promotions, Gift Cards, Advanced Inventory, Sales Orders.

The SuitePOS Difference: First and foremost SuitePOS is tightly integrated with NetSuite out of the box. Also, SuitePOS had a strong reputation in terms of ease of use, stability, speed and agility. This made SuitePOS an idea choice.

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