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“SuitePOS running on iPhones blends right in with the experience. Fast and simple, often the children will look at the screen alongside the associate, selecting products and even presenting the card to complete the process. They love taking charge!”

Daryn Fillis, CEO, Distroller USA

Founded in Mexico City in 2004, Distroller has become a household name in Latin America with over 60 locations. Known for designing colorful, creative, and fun products along with amazing interactive experiences for children, Distroller recently entered the US marketplace with a flagship store in San Diego, California and several other locations.

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Problem: Operating as a startup and with a rapid timeline to launch, it was very important for Distroller to find a system they could set up and scale quickly and at a much lower cost than the enterprise software mix used by their parent company.

Modules Implemented: Gift Cards, Advanced Promotions

The SuitePOS Difference: SuitePOS and NetSuite was the perfect fit for a fast-growing mid-market startup with unified commerce, warehousing, CRM, financials and point of sale requirements. Distroller uses mobile POS to power a unique in-store journey that has helped them disrupt the toy industry with one system to seamlessly run their entire business.

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EVO is an iconic brand in the X-sports space that sells snowboarding, skating and surfing gear, outdoor clothing and accessories. SuitePOS is used by EVO for a traditional in-store experience and also to enable EVO sponsored trips and events.


Problem: ERP and POS required to seamlessly take goods from DC operations through to Sale sale

Modules Implemented: Core POS module

The SuitePOS Difference: Perfected integration; Fully integrated CRM/ERP; Price Level Support; Solution Mobility; Ease of Location-to-Location Deployment

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