SuitePOS Release 2015.2.2 Build 204

June 15, 2015

Special Instructions:

Prior Build(s)

Release notes for Build 192 must first be read and followed unless you have already installed Build 192.  

Build 192 Release Notes

New Features (NetSuite):

  • Gift Cards(*1) - Blank expiration is now treated as no expiration, per standard functionality
  • Automatic retrieval of Account and Role during registration.  
  • Support of Star Micronics SM T300i Blue Tooth Mobile Printer
  • Limited Bin Management.  Limited Bin Management is supported in the POS, but you cannot enter bin information in to the POS. The POS relies on default bin locations on items (in NetSuite) for both sales and returns.   Please note that bin inventory must be greater than zero for this to work. 

Improvements (NetSuite):

  • Credit card swipe initiated on login so the the swipe reader does not go dead after a period of time.
  • Prevent display corruption of last 4 of credit card under certain circumstances.
  • Increase compression of POS receipts by 400%.  This will enable receipts to be printed a lot quicker, reduce platform storage and reduce network traffic significantly during peak times.
  • Render search screen a lot quicker for high-volume environments
  • Renamed Credit/Return to Return throughout the app.

(*1) - requires purchase of the Gift Card Module

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