2.4.1 Build 530 (BETA)

  • Custom Fields for Customers
  • Menu Option to Link to Another Web Site
  • Custom Fields for Customers

2.4.1 Build 528 (BETA)

  • Initial release.
  • Dynamic Options
  • Various small bug fixes and enhancements

      (*d) Deprecated, (*dSF) Deprecated, Salesforce Only,  (*dNS) Deprecated, NetSuite Only

      WHATS NEW IN 2.4

      Dynamic Option Module

      A product configurator that guides you through paid and unpaid add-on items and modifiers. This is useful xxxxxxxxxx. Dynamic Options Module Required

        Custom Fields for Customers
        We have provided the ability to track user defined customer custom fields. This is useful to store and track specific data relating to a named customer.  On the POS Settings record, you can define up to five fields of each type (checkbox, text (120 chars max), picklist and date) with custom labels.

        Menu Option To Link to Another Web Site/Page
        A configurable URL link out option has been provided to the menu structure. This can be controlled at the clerk and settings level.  With the right clerk permission, clicking this menu option will display the web page defined on the settings record for that terminal. This is useful for providing clerks (or managers) with quick access to things like instructional pages, other services/sites or analytical pages.

          • You must be on the bundle/package version specified for the release build.  
          • It is strongly advised that you test this release with a sandbox account before running in production. SuiteRetail accepts no responsibility for lack of testing.

          NETSUITE ONLY:

          • Add to the active item search (customsearch_spositemsearch) the fields “Enable Dynamic Options (Custom)”, “Dynamic Option Price Override (Custom)” and “Dynamic Options (Custom)”.

          • Add to the active customer search (customsearch_sposcustomersearch) the fields boxed in red. This ensures that the all the values of the custom field are sync'd properly.

          Salesforce installation only:

          Package URL:  <TBA>

          SuitePOS 2.4.1 

 (SF Package 2.XX)

          Dynamic Options Upgrade

          • Add 'SPOS__Enable_Dynamic_Options__c' field to the Settings Layout(s) and associated Profiles.  This is used to enable a group of terminals to be able to use items with dynamic options.

          • Add 'SPOS__Enable_Dynamic_Options__c'  and 'SPOS__Dynamic_Option_Price_Override__c' field to  the Product Layout(s) and associated Profiles.  These are used to identify if a product has dynamic options and if a product is a dynamic option, the ability to change the standard pricing.

            • Add in 'Valid Dynamic Options' related list to the Product Layout(s).  This lists the dynamic options available for a product enabled for dynamic options. Make sure you select 'Dynamic Option' as the column name displayed (and not Id).

            • Add in 'Dynamic Options' tab to your admin users menu layout (or leave it as is and have users access it via all tabs.

            Customer Custom Fields Upgrade
            • Add 'SPOS__Custcheckboxpermission<n>__c', 'SPOS__Custdatepermission<n>__c, 'SPOS__Custtextpermission<n>__c','SPOS__Custcheckboxpermission<n>__c','SPOS__Custcheckboxlabel<n>__c', 'SPOS__Custdatelabel<n>__c, 'SPOS__Custtextlabel<n>__c' and 'SPOS__Custcheckboxlabel<n>__c (where <n> is 1 thru 5) to the Settings Layout(s) and associated Profiles.

            • Add 'SPOS__text<n>__c', 'SPOS__picklist<n>__c', 'SPOS__date<n>__c' and 'SPOS__checkbox<n>' fields (where <n> is 1 thru 5) to the Account Layout(s) and associated Profiles.