SuitePOS Release 3.0

SuitePOS Release 3.0

April 27, 2018


NOTE:  You will need to upgrade the NetSuite or Salesforce bundle/package first.

3.0.1    Build 602 (Beta)

  • Support for NetSuite Line Level Taxes
  • Sales Order Support

2.5.1 Build 598 (Beta) (d)

  • Fixed several minor bugs to do with Avatax
  • Fixed some scanning bugs

2.5.1 Build 592 (Beta) (*d)

  • Add in environment designation on the registration (role) screen so that you can better differentiate roles when you have Sandboxes (SP) and Release Preview accounts (RP).

2.5.1 Build 591 (Beta) (*d)

  • Initial beta release
    (*d) Deprecated, (*dSF) Deprecated, Salesforce Only,  (*dNS) Deprecated, NetSuite Only

    WHATS NEW IN 3.0

    Sales Order Module

    NetSuite Sales Orders are now supported in SuitePOS. This means you can ring up a sale (and take the full deposit)  for later pickup in-store or shipping to the customer. Perfect for retailers that do a lot of special orders or sell to businesses.

    Support for the new Square Reader SDK

    Currently, SuitePOS does a App to App integration to support Square Payments. Square have released a much better way of doing this that avoids issues (and confusions) associated with App to App integration. We have added a new "Square Plus" option to the Gateway in POS Settings and this invokes the new Square Reader SDK which now provides an even more seamless integration with greater stability.

    Note: This will be activated on a patch release. Also, the Square Reader SDK is currently a beta product.

    NetSuite Line Level Taxes

    NetSuite Line Level taxes are now supported. This means that products can be taxable or not (at the line level) depending to the tax schedule or nexus. If products have different tax rates for a specific tax code, then our Avatax integration is a better fit. 

    Quick Service Module

    To better service quick service retailers we have now provided the ability to print service tickets to up to two separate LAN printers. This means, for example, that you can now sell cash and carry items plus food and drinks on the same ticket and have the service items (in this case food and drink) print at the service station(s) for preparation. 

    Contact us if you are interested in the Quick Service Module

    Improved Customer Address Management (NetSuite)

    Previously we managed customer addresses using the override address field. In order to support SuitePOS features, such as Sales Orders, and to more accurately represent customer addresses (both billing and shipping) we have separated out the address fields and mapped them to the standard NetSuite address fields.

    Scanning in the notes field

    You can now scan things into the notes field on all sale and refund transactions. This can have a myriad of miscellaneous uses regarding the tracking and storing information on transactions.

    Check Payment Method

    We now separate checks as another payment/refund method. This makes tracking the check number and reconciliation a lot easier for customers that reeive checks. To set up you need to update the POS Settings record to enable the check payment method and in the case of NetSuite point to a NetSuite Payment Method.

    Ignore Projects During Sync

    Projects/Jobs are not applicable to SuitePOS. They are no longer pulled in on synchronization.

    Hide Discount Items

    This feature allows you to hide discount items for item search, selection or scanning. When enabled on the POS Settings record, it hides all standard discount items. It is most useful for those that are using the Advanced Promotions module so that duplicate discount items are not displayed during item search or selection.

    Record Last Login Information

    To better manage terminals, we have added new fields to the POS Terminal record that show the last registered user, last pos user, last pos user login date and the last version that accessed the record. This is set every time a clerk logs in. 

    Advanced Orders Renamed to Advanced Payments

    The Advanced Order Module has been renamed to Advanced Payments. This is to better reflect what the module does. Special payment methods like "On Account" and "Financed" (coming soon), which allows customers to finance the balance due during checkout, are part of this module.

    NetSuite Avatax Improvements

    Note: this release requires Avalara Avatax Version 6.0.3 or greater

    For those using Avatax, we used to calculate tax at the POS and then when the record posts to NetSuite the tax is re-calculated and the tax documents are posted. In order to support tax for the location of the store, Avatax used a flag on the NetSuite Location record (Pick Up) to designate the address to use. The problem with that is that if you also run NetSuite Sales Orders through that location it would tax based off the stores location. This proved challenging for some retailers.

    We have de-coupled the reliance of this field being checked on to the Location record and now silently posts the address of the location as the ship-to address on the transaction. This means you can run both NetSuite Sales Orders and POS transactions through the same NetSuite location and have the tax calculate correctly for each. It is important to realize, that if the Pick Up flag is left as on, then there should be no difference to what you were doing prior.  In other words, tax will always use the Location address for all transactions that flow through NetSuite.

    Furthermore, returns across different locations and jurisdictions are now better handled for returns that are created from an original sale that occurred at another location with a different tax code. The tax code and date from the original sale is now used. 

    • You must be on the NetSuite Bundle (or Salesforce Package) specified on the download page.  
    • It is strongly advised that you test this release with a sandbox account before running in production. SuiteRetail accepts no responsibility for lack of testing.


    Verify permissions on the Terminal role

    If you are still on 2017.2, you will need to manually add back the Employee Search "Allowed" permission to the role your registered terminal user is using. This is typically using SPOS-iOS-Device role (or your active copy of it).


    Package URL (Package 2.68):

    Note: It is important to update these fields and layouts even if you do not intend to use them.

    POS Settings Field Label Rename

    Please rename the label for the field name "Enable Advanced Orders" to "Enable Advanced Payments"

    POS Settings Layout Upgrade

    Add the following fields to the Settings Layouts(s) and associated Profiles:

    SPOS__Check_Enabled__c to the Payment Methods section
    SPOS__Hide_Discount_Items__c to the Transaction section
    SPOS__Enable_Quick_Service__c to the Modules section
    SPOS__Service_Ticket_1__c to the Receipt section
    SPOS__Service_Ticket_2__c to the Receipt section

    Pre-cursor to a subsequent release (3.x)
    SPOS__Enable_Special_Orders__c to the Modules section
    Create a Section called Sales Order under the Transaction section
    SPOS__Default_Sale_To_SO__c to the Sales Order section
    SPOS__Pickup_Address_Info__c to the Receipt section

    POS Terminals Layout Upgrade

    Add the following fields to the Settings Layouts(s) and associated Profiles:


    Product Upgrade

    Add the following fields to the Product Layout and associated Profiles:



    Transaction Payment Upgrade 

    Add the following fields to the Transaction Payment Layout and associated Profiles:


    Add a New List Value to Method in Transaction Payments 


    Transaction Upgrade 

    Add the following fields to the Transaction Payment Layout and associated Profiles:


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