• 2.0.1 Build 374 Bug fixes centered around EMV and CardEase
  • 2.0.1 Build 370 (*d) Fix issue with linking to NetSuite from SuitePOS
  • 2.0 Build 263 (Beta) (*d)  Initial 2.0 beta release

(*d) - Deprecated

Whats new in 2.0!

  • SuitePOS for Salesforce
  • Support for Miura EMV/NFC Payment Devices
  • New Kiosk Module for Self-Serving Customers (*3)
  • UPC-A for Price-Embedded Bar Codes; great for Deli environments (*2)
  • Support for Multi-Org/Legal Entities (*1)
  • Support for the new Star mPOP and more Bluetooth Printers
  • Show both product code and display name throughout the app
  • Show larger images from thumbnails with pinch & zoom
  • Enable/Disable merge of line items at settings and item level
  • Performance & stability improvements
  • Link directly to NetSuite from the SuitePOS App

Module Details

Special instructions:

Note: You must be on the bundle/package version specified for this release.  Also, this specific bundle upgrade must be performed by SuiteRetail due to specific internal architecture changes. 

We have moved our release numbers from a yearly designation with sub-releases and builds to a more modern perpetual model where the version of the software is primarily designated by the Build Number.

Note: It is strongly advised that you test this release with a sandbox account before running in production. SuiteRetail accepts no responsibility for lack of testing.

NetSuite installation only:

Item Search

The master item search has changed. After successful bundle installation, you must edit and fields to the Results in your active SuitePOS Item Search (customsearch_spositemsearch) :

  • Price Embedded (Custom)
  • Available for Kiosk (Custom)
  • Large Image (Custom)

    Gateway Field

    There is a new Gateway field on the POS Settings Record.  For existing customers that are migrating you will need to go through all of your settings and set it to a value.  This is a required field.

      (*1) - requires the purchase of the multi-org module

      (*2) - requires the purchase of the advanced inventory module

      (*3) - requires the purchase of the kiosk module